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New York State Mental Health Office Oddly enough this was taken after a 2.5 hour softball practice but this exact moment was the most I have felt alive, content & wholesome with myself, body and mind in months. Each and every day I battle the things inside my head but it makes me work harder at becoming stronger and smarter than the woman I was the day prior. As challenging as life may get we have to find the ability to drive our mind and body against the rest of the world, sometimes it seems impossible. Even on your darkest days you have to pull the knife out of your chest and charge at everything standing in your way. I am beyond proud of myself for knocking out each barrier that could stand in my way between my mental health and success. Today, I urge whomever is reading this to take a step forward in your life and take control. Do what’s best for you and only you. [it’s NOT selfish]. Work hard for yourself. Love for yourself. Advocate for yourself. Be yourself. You are all beautiful humans with so much potential, PLEASE don’t give up on yourself. This is the sign you have been waiting for. Reach out for help and don’t be afraid of change, it’s usually for the best. Xoxo, Gooby❤️✨ Suicide Hotline: 1-800-283-8255 #suicideawarness #endthestigma #greenforpersonalstruggles #mentalhealthmatters

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