London, indeed, is the capital, but not only of Great Britain. A total of the British Commonwealth, which includes 53 independent States! In this sense, Britain has remained the largest Empire in the world, whose head is formally the Queen of England. In addition, the city of London, which houses the Bank of England and the London stock exchange, is the financial capital of the world, a separate County with its privileges, administration, and police. And on the outskirts of London is the Greenwich Observatory, through which passes the conditional reference line of longitude and time zones the zero Meridian. All this makes it possible to say with confidence; if any city can claim the title of the capital of the world; it is London.


The city of Moscow is the capital of Russia, has the status of a city of Federal subordination and Federal significance.

Moscow is the seventh largest city in the world (it occupies an area of 1,081 square kilometers), the population ranks first not only in Russia but also in Europe. Currently, more than ten and a half million people live in Moscow.

The legislative body of Moscow is the City Duma; the Executive body is the Government of Moscow. Moscow consists of the following territories: urban areas within the Moscow ring road; external areas adjacent to the Moscow ring road; a number of villages (Akulovo, Vostochny, Nekrasovka, Rublevo, Vnukovo, Tolstopaltsevo and others) and villages (Myakinino, Tolstopaltsevo, Kutuzovo and others), the city of Zelenograd and Sheremetyevo airport. The administrative structure of the city of Moscow includes ten administrative districts, each of which is divided into municipal districts (in total there are one hundred and twenty-three).

New York

New York is a kind of business card in the USA. This giant city is a leading political, business, scientific, financial, technical, information and cultural center on the planet. At the same time, New York is fraught with many surprises and paradoxes, which perhaps makes it even more attractive, famous and at the same time completely unknowable.

New York has five major parts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. The metropolis conveniently combines business centers, museums, monuments, and other attractions. At night, the metropolis resembles a huge air and light giant castle glowing with lights.


The capital of the Kingdom of Sweden is Stockholm, which is also the largest city in the country. It is home to about 22% of the total Swedish population (approximately 880,000 inhabitants). It is located on the channels connecting Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea on fourteen Islands. The suburban area of Stockholm is the most populated area in Sweden. The city is the main residence of the Swedish king, the government meets, as well as the Nobel Committee.

The name Stockholm is usually translated as "Log Island". The city is a sample of Scandinavian comfort, one of the most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea and a major European port. Visit it is worth at least just for a walk through the area Gamla Stan "Old town", located on three Islands, which originally belonged to the name of Stockholm, with the expansion of the city spread to other areas. In 1998, Stockholm has named the European capital of culture.


Tokyo is a super-modern mega-city, one of the few world capitals whose recognition is aimed at international economic stock markets, at the same time combining with ancient traditions, history, and rich culture.

The city of Tokyo has very rich roots of its history. Japan is primarily a state with a monarchic along with the parliamentary rule. This super metropolis is home to more than 10% of the total population of the Japanese archipelago, that is, more than 12 million people today live in Tokyo (a quarter of all Japanese), while the total number of people living in Japan is 123 million. This urban area where the most diverse cultures and traditions of Japan and throughout Asia are intertwined.


Washington is the capital of the United States and has a special status; it does not belong to any state and forms a Federal district called Colombia. The city is located in the North-East of the United States on the banks of the Potomac River. It is bordered by two States: Virginia in the southwest and Maryland on all other sides. Washington is of great importance and influence in the political and administrative system of the state.

The American capital was designed by P. Lanfan in such a way that it could compete on equal terms with the best capitals of European countries, and took its rightful place in the list of the most beautiful cities not only of the country but also of the world.


Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, at first glance very free and liberated. Here is the famous street of Red lights, here you cannot be afraid of the police to smoke grass, the streets are very often going strange freaks, but in fact, Amsterdam fascinates everyone forever. It is worth at least once to visit this city and you understand that the stereotypes are just stereotypes.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, the largest city of this country. Located in the Western part, in the province of North Holland, at the mouth of the Amstel and Hey rivers. The population is more than 800 thousand people. It is quite an ancient city, its origin dates back to the XII century when there was a small fishing village, which eventually turned into one of the most important seaports and shopping centers. Today Amsterdam is a tourist city, annually visited by more than 4.6 million tourists.


Berlin is located in the North-Eastern part of Germany; it is considered one of the largest capitals of Europe and a major center of politics, media, science, and culture. The city was founded in 1304 by the Union of two settlements.

Berlin is popular because of its historical Association as the German capital of tolerance and an international metropolis. It is also associated with bright nightlife, a variety of cafes, street art and a huge number of museums, palaces, which give the best idea of the history of this place.

The architecture here is very diverse. Although many buildings were badly damaged during the war, the city was reconstructed very quickly.


Ankara is one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities in Turkey. It is a place of contrasts and contradictions. There is an Oriental atmosphere, but at the same time, there is a spirit of modernity. Traditional Turkish coffee houses are located next to fashionable European restaurants. Historical attractions are adjacent to the trendy shopping centers. And women dressed in a hijab, here go along with women in mini-skirts.

Ankara is inferior in size to Istanbul, but despite this, it is the capital of the country. Ankara does not have the status of a major tourist center. The city is interesting primarily for those who are interested in the history and culture of Turkey.