Instagram Popular Medias

Every day more than 200 million people use Instagram Medias. Given this potential, marketers are increasingly creating media about their products.

Although many users and media personalities are happy to post stories for their subscribers, not all Stories are equally successful. Some brands manage to create really funny, unexpected and creative posts. Their stories do not sink into the sea of Instagram information, and efforts are rewarded with views and new subscribers.

Let's look at the best of the best.

Who would have thought that pictures of airplanes and turbines would become so popular! General Electric Company with a 120-year history was at the forefront of social networks. They skillfully use all the features that are available on Instagram.

NASA can serve as an example of the perfect use of stories. And it's not just about the stunning images of stars and space objects. The main achievement of the company is the skillful use of the Stories tool to encourage users to move further and further to study additional facts and research data. Their posts not only contain information for starry-sky fans but also encourage users to continue viewing other posts on Instagram.