Instagram Video Downloader

Millions of users from all over the world have uploaded tens of millions of pictures to Instagram, making it the world's most popular photo sharing app. Although you can like or bookmark videos to view them later, there is no built-in function for uploading videos to your device or computer's memory on Instagram. This is what our article will be about and you'll find out all the ways how to download a video from Instagram in a few clicks.

Maybe there is a video that you liked very much and you would like to set it as your desktop background. Or maybe you just really like the video and you want to look at it even without access to the internet.

The fact that the download button is missing, it does not mean that it is impossible to download videos from Instagram.

Download videos from Instagram via Picrt

Picdeer has always been famous for its flexibility and many useful features. Now you can easily download any number of videos from Instagram using Picrt client for Android or iOS.

To download a video, copy the link to the post on Instagram where it is placed. Click download button.